"Logistics is expensive and can be very frustrating too, often logistic companies can let you down without considering consequences or the impact of your business and your reputation.

Everyone wants the best possible prices without sacrificing on the service and this is what we at TSI Central Station does.

Our offer is that we use the most advanced technology backed that is backed by our professional staff, who manage every single aspect of your transport and logistics and this is done on one self-developed platform, connecting everyone in the supply chain and always by one person.

That’s how we can offer you the best rates coupled with the best service, so that you can ultimately focus on your business."

Clifford Blackburn

This is how we got here

TSI Central Station created a system back in 2006, that was packed with knowledge from 1998, yes 1998, when it was not so cool to be tech savvy, no one in logistics spoke about Blockchain.

What we created in 2006 was what was later termed a Control Tower, moving on to 2018, what we do is combine the control tower concept into a process that is similar to  "blockchain".

Shock - Horror Control Tower & Blockchain all in one? Yes that is what TSI Central Station offers.

There are fundamental differences between the traditional blockchain, where it is a type of distributed ledger or as someone wrote a decentralized database that continuously keeps updated digital records of who owns what.

Blockchain having a distributed ledger has a network of replicated databases, synchronized via the internet and visible to anyone within the network. - RISK?

That is why with TSI Central Station we offer a risk free environment, until people have faith in Blockchain, we are the alternative when it comes to controlling and managing your transport & logistics.

Going forward Blockchain will become the new way of doing business, once the crypto currency market has stabilized and governments have regulated this platform, everyone will be sceptical of Blockchain, even though blockchain was around long before Bitcoin or crypto currency as we know it, people see it as the same thing.

I read an article that stated "There is no doubt that blockchain will profoundly disrupt hundreds of industries that currently rely on intermediaries, including banking, finance, academia, real estate, insurance, legal, health care and the public sector  (among many others)".


Our success is the result of collaborating with our clients. Each time offering a solution that gives the client an advantage and simplifies the transport process and management


What we do is connect the dots, by the employing the following principle, of managing, monitoring and tracking.

If you want CONTROL and full visibility over the supply chain from the time an order is placed, TSI Central Station is the company for you.

  • Connectivity to your manufacturer or supplier.
  • Notification & visibility at the port of origin. 
  • Visibility of the goods on the water (vessel).
  • Arrival notifications at the port of discharge.
  • Notification of the goods (container) leaving the port.
  • Tracking of the truck / train.
  • Notification of the goods arriving at the client.
  • Lastly, the container been turned into its nominated depot.

Our Features, Advantages and Benefits (F.A.B.)

  • Increase flexibility, revenue & responsiveness
  • Increase speed to market
  • Decrease Customer response time
  • Gain access to new markets
  • New value‐added services