Warehousing & Distribution

What is Warehousing?

Warehousing & Distribution, there are so many different interpenetration's some refer to it as simply as storing goods for delivery later, others refer to it as a place to place stock that they want to sell. Others consider it to be a large space that is a necessity to keep the goods they want to sell The truth is that this is a specialised area that large businesses need. When it comes to warehousing our approach is totally different. Our experts will we look at whether it a cost center or a profit center. DO you really need the space you use or do you fill it with goods (that cost you are lot). Do you own or rent? That is what we look at, we check to see if your warehouse is costing you money or making you money. Our aim is simple, if your warehouse & distribution is costing you money, we help you turn it into a money generating real estate.

Warehouse vs. Distribution Center

You might hear the words DC (“distribution center”), that is very different to a warehouse as a warehouse is nothing more than storage facility. Where on the other hand a distribution center is a place that stores product (Often for other people) and actions instructions to fulfill and orders. The warehousing elements whether the purpose is strictly storage or storage plus order fulfillment, warehouses use specific elements that help manufacturers, distributors, and retailers monitor inventory and store it.

Warehousing and all that goes along with it is part of a specilised industry that is known as logistics management, it is all part of the supply chain, the logistics includes procurement, inventory management, and distribution. So when you want to make sure it is a profitable are, start by analyzing if it cost you or makes you money.

TSI offers you an on-demand warehousing for businesses, you can turn your warehouse into a profit making of all sizes. If you don't have space and need it, then you should consider TSI as we manage and  operate warehouses in every major Centre.

We manages distribution centres throughout South Africa, we have a sophisticated warehouse management systems and the staff to operate the most complex warehousing.

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