“Many importers, exporters, particularly of large companies, find it reassuring to have TSI Central Station at hand for there logistics requirements. That’s because managing logistics is a serious challenge for clients ensuring the balance between great service and price. TSI has your solution”Cllifford Blackburn - CEO

System "Notifications"

  • Daily Reporting (Grouped by Status)
  • Direct Client Reporting
  • Alert Event Reporting
  • SMS Updates
  • WhatsApp Update
  • KPI Reporting

Because our system is event driven, each time an event occurs, you are alerted. An example is when a container is loaded in *China, you are notified, when it arrives at the port of load, you are notified, when it sails, when it is transshipped, when it arrives, when it leaves the destination port and when it arrives at the delivery point, these are just a few of the notifications that we supply to you. Some of our client need to manage the document process, we notify the client as the status changes.

Our system is flexible, so you decided what notification you require and how you would like your reporting and in what format.

Custom built, professionally managed

TSI Central Station

  • Reduce Your Transport & Logistics Costs 
    By having a total overview of your logistics in one place allows you to cut where there is excess and to limit unnecessary costs.
  • Improve Customer Service
    By always having the latest most updated information at hand, improves your service to your customers and your sales staff no matter if they are internal or external.
  • One Central Contact for ALL your needs
    Having someone who understands your business and only focuses on your business. (Each controller has at least two back-up’s)
  • Visibility & Better Control
    Like with reducing your costs and having one central contact, this combined gives you total visibility.
  • One Creditor – Lessening Admin In Your Accounts
    Not having to reconcile a multitude of service providers invoices, lesson the pressure on your accounts and admin departments.
  • Planning Becomes As Easy As 1,2,3
    Receive Daily Reports, Alerts, Tracking & KPI Reports

One Platform – Dashboard

A single dashboard that allows full integration into any of your systems. An in-house expert, that operates on our system that affords immediate “Live” connectivity to the;

  • Air Lines
  • Port.. (Navis worldwide)
  • Transporters
  • Shipping Lines
  • Rail Network

Giving you immediate response to information required, backed by event driven notifications, alerts and aligned to your SLA & KPI reporting.

Allowing you to have a full view at anytime of your cargo.