Transport and Logistics Update During Covid-19 Lockdown

Transport and Logistics Update During Covid-19 Lockdown

We are now several days into the lockdown and while we are working from home, at TSI Central Station we are still assisting our customers just as if we were in the office, as far as we are able to. We understand how stressful this covid-19 lockdown is for many businesses, wanting to keep employees safe and healthy to flatten the curve, but still needing to make ends meet so that salaries can be paid.


During his speech and communications that followed, the President did make mention of certain ports remaining open, as well as allowing the transportation of essential goods to continue during the shutdown period. If you aren’t sure what is essential and what isn’t, take a look at this link or speak to your controller:


TSI Central Station will continue to assist our customers with importing, exporting and transportation of goods as far as we are able to and in-line with regulations. We want to assist in making this covid-19 lockdown as easy as possible, allowing for as much logistics business to continue as normal as is possible. In order to keep you up to speed on all developments and changes, we have put together a special page on our website. To access this, click here:


This will also direct you to all points of contact with our company.


We will continue to keep you updated during the lockdown and afterwards.

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