The Future of Warehousing in South Africa

The Future of Warehousing in South Africa

When it comes to discussions around the future of warehousing in South Africa, and the rest of the world, conversations are likely to be around automation, better systems, more integration and efficiency and greater flexibility. The next few years in South Africa are expected to be challenging and it will be interesting to see how warehouse owners cope with all the obstacles they will face, such as labour instability, looming junk status and government decisions.

Changes to Be Made

When it comes to logistics and warehousing, South African companies are going to have to look at a different approach. Equipment will need to be kept for longer periods of time and businesses will have less capital available for expenses that might not seem urgent. Instead of solving problems with new and advanced technologies, some companies may be forced to look at improving productivity by working longer hours with existing equipment. It will be a case of “do more than less”.

On the Bright Side

Other technologies such as voice picking, better Warehouse Management Systems and processes with an IT focus are costing less and less which will make them more accessible to South African companies. In order for the country to keep up some sort of pace with the rest of the world and not become uncompetitive, companies will need to invest in these technologies, which will also benefit them. Many businesses are also making a living from exporting products that have not been hit by a global commodity slowdown, which means they are still profitable.

As business moves into a digitized future, it is a reality that more autonomous techniques will augment warehouse functions. However, the smartest approach is to fully understand the core need of an entire supply chain first and then select the solution that makes sense. The future belongs to those who have enough insight to be able to select and implement growth enabling solutions that best fit their unique business needs, regardless of whether these are technological or human.

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