The Challenges and Solutions of Packaging Management

The Challenges and Solutions of Packaging Management

Packaging management logistics is a critical aspect for any company that creates a product requiring durable packaging, safe distribution, and the ability to track it all securely.

Packaging Logistics

In fact, packaging management can be one of the biggest headaches within a company. Particularly for manufacturers of delicate, perishable, or sterile goods, there are stringent packaging regulations that are important to adhere to, for their end-customers safety and security.

Packaging problems can lead to accidents and recalls. This is why having a comprehensive packaging management logistics system that ensures product packaging quality and eliminates defects, and non-conforming product is so critical to success.

Companies looking to improve their packaging management logistics systems can take more control over their packaging situation by using a packaging management document control system that helps them better manage the following three critical areas:

For companies using a packaging system with multiple processes, inputs, and outputs, it’s essential to understand each point in the chain that leads to the end product. By harnessing the documentation at each point in the packaging process, the packaging logistics team can evaluate the efficiencies and inefficiencies in the current system to find ways to optimize the entire packaging process, each step of the way. This optimisation can be accomplished by employing a document management system that brings together all the processes and documents involved in the entire packaging process.

For companies that have a legacy documentation system to track their packaging logistics, it’s important to look for a document management system that enables the electronic management of specifications and BOMs, vendors and suppliers, integration with ERP, and comprehensive searching and reports. Then packaging logistics decision makers at the company should be able to use a simple “search-engine-style” search feature to look up and evaluate every stage of the process to find inefficiencies that can be optimised into a smoother, more efficient packaging process.

Depending on the needs of the company, a packaging management documentation system can be housed in a secure, on-site server, or a secure, cloud-based location.

A document control system for packaging logistics can include everything from tracking government packaging regulations and materials used to equipment used for packaging, tracing suppliers, products, destinations, labeling, and more. Managers can use comprehensive reports to find places along the packaging process to improve and tighten for greater efficiency.

Shipping Logistics

One area of packaging management logistics that can often use considerable efficiency evaluation is the shipping area. Shipping logistics include shipping on both ends of the production system.

This means that incoming materials must be tracked as they are sent into the facility, as well as the point where the end product is shipped out to its final destination. Many companies find there are gaps between the production, packaging, and shipping systems at their facilities.

These “between points” can cause problems in the overall efficiency process, but using a document management system to track each point can help companies find ways to improve their shipping logistics processes. Read more here

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