Tech and Trends Influencing the Future of Logistics for Your Business

Tech and Trends Influencing the Future of Logistics for Your Business

The future of logistics and other business processes hinge on the adoption and development of innovative technologies. At TSI Central Station, we see the need to develop new systems that simplify the logistics process and allow our clients to monitor their stock more effectively. Many new opportunities, projects and careers are also opening up due to the advancements and developments within the supply and logistics industry which is great for the African, and global economy. So, what technologies are shaping the future and changing the game when it comes to logistics in your business? We shed some light here:

The Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is often associated with consumer-level devices such as smart home technology, but there is so much more to it. In the field of logistics, companies can use IoT sensors and devices to build a more connected production floor that delivers real-time results and provides updates on what is happening, whether it’s good or bad. These devices are also leveraged across the whole supply chain, with image enhancing in-transit visibility being able to track entire shipments along every minute of their journey. We are also seeing equipment and employee monitoring being made possible, allowing businesses to track goods, equipment and people with a greater amount of detail.

Mass Customizations & 3D Printing

3D printing presents some incredible opportunities, whereby materials used can help produce locally sourced goods – even regional – that are developed much closer to the consumer. It also presents a last-minute personalization option that you can leverage to deliver mass customization to your customers. Materials used for 3D printing are often kept locally and serve as practically everything you need to create a product, with no storage requirements, meaning manufacturers can eliminate large-sized warehouses and downsize to much smaller, local properties. Goods get printed on-demand and as ordered so there is also no need to stock large quantities.

UAV’s or Drones

It is public knowledge that Amazon is currently experimenting with drone-based delivery services, and while we will still have to wait a while for this technology to come to Africa, the concept is great because drones and unmanned aerial vehicles offer a variety of economic and environmental benefits. Having fewer delivery vehicles on the roads would also reduce traffic, save on ground-based transportation costs and reduce carbon emissions. Drones and UAV’s could also help companies to monitor the movements of their assets, transports, employees and more.

Many of these technologies above are either being implemented already or are in the process of being deployed by logistics providers. They have a significant impact on the logistics industry and on any involved or related fields. Innovative technologies, just like our very own one at TSI Central Station, are being implemented every day and changing the way companies do logistics. We predict that the future of logistics relies on the adoption and development of innovative technologies.

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