Road Transport & Trucking

  1. Transport of Shipping Containers
    • To and from the port
  2. Local Cartage
    • Collection & delivery of shipping containers (Depot to client)
  3. LCL (less than a container load)
    • collection @ depot and deliver.
  4. Break Bulk
    • all break bulk cargo
  5. Local collection & deliveries
    • From a pallet (1 ton) to a 8 Ton Truck
  6. Distribution / IBT
    • Warehouse to warehouse
  7. Storage of Containers
    • From Container Depot (Staggered delivery)
  8. Cross Dock
    • Collect, unpack and re-deliver
  9. Cross Border Trucking & Distribution
    • Transport into Africa

All our transport is run and managed though our self developed transport system, that manages Demurrage & Detention. As a standard, we do daily Reporting Daily and event driven notifications. read more 

Road Freight Transport Into Africa

We manage and control daily road freight (trucking) into Africa. Whether you call it Over Border or Cross Border, we do it daily. We also offer a Door to Door to the entire Sub-Saharan Africa. If you are exporting goods into Africa, give our experts a call or simply pop us a mail by clicking here

Exporting to africa? – find out more

These are the requirements you need for road freight to each country, simply click the country  below, fill in your details and we will send you the exact details. Trucking into Africa does not have to be scary, just follow the process.

transport to Botswana (road freight service)
transport to Zmbabwe (road freight service)
transport to Mozambique (road freight service)
transport to Namibia (road freight service)
transport to Zambia (road freight service)
transport to Angola (road freight service)

If you need detail on any other destination, please click on any of the above and mail us expert pricing team, you can see them below. (road freight service)


We offer competitive rates, live tracking and a dashboard view of where your cargo is.

Long Distance Trucking

The largest part of our trucking or road haul is done in the area of containerized cargo. We transport shipping containers from all the ports in South Africa which includes the largest inland port in Johannesburg. Our road freight service covers truckling from Durban to Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg as well as Cape Town to Johannesburg and back again. These include full and empty containers between all the main cities within the Republic of South Africa.

Local Cargtage

This is where we collect from the port and deliver it locally, normally within a 100/150 kilometer radius or collect empty containers for loading an export and return it to the port where it will leave South Africa.


Distribution / Local Trucking

Collecting goods from your warehouse and delivering them to your client or to a branch, which is called Inter Branch Transfer(IBT). The size of the goods can range from 1 pallet to a full truck load. Some of these collections may be ad-hock and others may be daily or weekly.


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