Realistic Tips to Minimize Inventory Damage

Minimize Inventory Damage

Managing a warehouse that holds large quantities of inventory, worth millions of Rands, is no easy feat. A warehouse manager faces daily challenges that can make life a little tricky. One of the top challenges faced is damaged warehouse inventory, and this can have a negative effect on order fulfillment and achieving service level agreements. Here are a few practical tips to help keep warehouse inventory damage levels to a minimum.

Frequent upkeep.

Regular inspection and review of how organized a warehouse is can lead to increased productivity and reduce inventory loss and injury. Neglecting frequent upkeep can often result in a once orderly warehouse becoming disorganized, and also increases the likelihood of inventory damage. With advanced technology available to assist with inventory control, this job is becoming easier for warehouse managers.

Be conscious of the shape and weight of items.

It’s common for inventory to get damaged while stored on shelving, whether it’s from careless handling while storing or from harsh contact with material handling equipment. In order to avoid or limit damage, racking should be designed with the weight and shape of inventory in mind. This will help avoid inventory overhanging, damage and injury from being caused. Racking protection is also an essential part of preventing inventory damage.

Plan for capacity.

As a warehouse manager, it is extremely important to plan for capacity, as this assists in preventing the ordering of too much inventory. Making use of the right technology makes planning easier and prevents over-ordering from happening. Excess inventory in the warehouse can greatly increase the chances of inventory damage, theft and variances.

Build a safety culture amongst employees.

The number one cause of inventory damage is said to be a lack of training of employees. Training warehouse staff on the correct way of handling pallets using forklifts, and labeling perishable and non-perishable goods, can reduce product damage.

While damaged warehouse inventory is one of those unavoidable things in the logistics industry, it can be overcome and kept to a bare minimum with the correct use of technology, processes and training. To find out how TSI’s technology can help you, visit our website or send an email to

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