Our Technology

Our self developed intelligent logistics system will take your business further, faster.  Stay ahead of your competitors regardless of market conditions. Turning your transport vision into tangible results. Try our free demurrage and cost recovery system, that gives you total viability of the entire supply chain (no matter your service providers) and the have access to South Africa's first independent single platform that will fuel your business forward.

TSI Central Station’s Information System (CSIS) has been developed with you the client in mind. Keeping you informed throughout the entire logistics process, fetching data from every service provider in the supply chain, no matter where in the world they are.

What we offer our clients and staff are total transparency throughout the movement of a shipment process. This is from the time an order is placed with your either your supplier or service provider. We monitor, control and manage it until the time your goods are delivered to your door or your client’s door.

Our System (CSIS) is an event driven system, so when something changes, we are aware of it and we advise you of such an event.

We don’t sell the system as it is a tool of our trade, it assists us to manage your cargo from beginning to end.
Integration – our system is fully INTEGRABLE with all system should you require this as a service

So what do you get by using TSI Central Station?

    • Full Transparency
    • Appear to have all your eggs in one basket by having full control over who is used, total collaboration.
    • Your controllers can do what they were employed to do, satisfy the client and not chase service providers.
    • Have a TOTAL view of the supply chain, never having to second guess or call clients back.
    • The transport desk concept is based on educating rather than controlling.
    • If you give the staff member the control of who to use, you give your client the ability to change agents because the service provider is not managed.
    • One Invoice – One supplier – One Partner – with the option of changing suppliers
    • REAL cost savings.
    • The system produces the following;
      • Daily reporting (event-driven)
      • At every event, you are emailed a status of where, when and what is happening to your cargo
      • We track the container, as well as the vessel.
      • When it leaves the port of origin, we advise you up until it reaches the port of destination, unless it is transshipped.
      • We also track all transshipment’s.
        From there you are informed continuously.
    • Our global network allows us to track every step of the way.

Daily Reporting


You say when
  • Set up as you want
  • Get Alerts
  • Always Informed

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  • No Long term contracts
  • REal savings

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