International trends in fleet management techniques, challenges and technology are essential indicators for the future of the industry in Southern Africa; which is why the prepared company maintains a keen interest in these patterns. While TSI Central Station utilises international grade technology in both its analytics systems and vehicles, the connection between all fleet management companies across the globe is tied to more elements than that.


Employee Privacy Protection


Times are changing and everyone’s data is being gathered at an ever escalating rate via the internet, mobile smart phone apps, actual tracking devices and cameras. While fleet management companies do use some of this technology to improve the performance and safety of employees there are additional responsibilities. The activation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in May, introduced new principles of transparency and accountability for how a company looks after its employees’ across the European Union. It replaced the older 1995 EU Data Protection Directive and, as a result, logistics companies are required to show how they protect and use employee data.


Electric/Hybrid Cars and Trucks


These vehicles are exploding onto the scene, in no small part as the result of aggressive international regulatory updates to emissions limits. Climate change is causing a response from international governments and this is a trend which is only likely to further escalate. A long-term strategy is required for an eventual transition. The challenge for all fleets, however, is that for the most part electric trucks currently lack both the range and re-charge stations to be viable. This is an evolving situation and governments are increasingly likely to subsidise charging stations and companies which get on the right side of the issue early.


Rising Insurance Costs


This particular challenge isn’t limited to South Africa, it’s a global concern as population numbers rise. More vehicles on the roads without the commensurate infrastructure development means greater gridlock and, ultimately, more accidents on the crowded streets. All of this leads to an inevitable increase in fleet insurance costs. Accident management is becoming a focus for many companies as they fight to find ways to reduce insurance premiums via new technology.

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