Is It Time for Modern Warehouses to Explore Alternative Energy Solutions?

Is It Time for Modern Warehouses to Explore Alternative Energy Solutions?

The whole country has been experiencing load shedding for the past few months now, but it is companies that are bearing the brunt of this and losing out on productivity and money. With an effort towards putting less pressure on the power grids, as well as a need to find alternative sources of power to keep running during blackouts, now is as good a time as any for modern, high tech warehouses to address the issue of electricity.

Putting Less Stress on The Grid

The best way to put less stress on the grid is by pulling as little power from it as possible. Lighting is what often consumes the most energy in storage and warehouse spaces. Already, we are seeing large facilities putting solar panels on the roof of their warehouse or building solar canopies over parking areas and using battery storage systems to power their facilities. While the costs involved in installing these technologies and solutions might seem like a lot, it will save a company money in the long term, or not so long with the frequency of load shedding in South Africa. Having systems like these in place will make it easier for businesses to run for the few hours that the power is out.

Modifying Older Warehouses with New, Smart Technology

Building more sustainable warehouses from the ground up is easier when it comes to creating facilities that are less dependent on the grid, but using smart technology for existing warehouses goes a long way towards making a difference too. Smart technology can help companies identify changes they can make in an effort to save electricity or know when to draw from their own resources. Simple changes such as turning of the air-conditioning an hour before employees leave or relying on solar power where possible during peak times of the day for people pulling power from the grid go a long way towards saving electricity and cutting costs. Investing in technology to manage your logistics system, such as the one TSI Central Station offers, also helps to manage and streamline processes and makes for less duplication of effort.

There has never been a better time for warehouses to modernize and digitize themselves as much as possible, and those that don’t are going to struggle. Warehouses are a vital part of the distribution process and in order to remain useful they will need to keep up with the new technology coming in.

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