How to Plan Ahead for the Festive Season E-commerce Surge

How to Plan Ahead for the Festive Season E-commerce Surge

Between Black Friday and the Festive Season, the next couple of months promise to be incredibly busy for e-commerce, and in turn, for logistics businesses who will be delivering all the goods purchased online. Confidence in e-commerce is higher than it ever has been, so it is important for stores to stock up and for shipping systems to be ready for the rush.


This busy holiday season provides a great opportunity for retailers to bounce back from the damage caused by the hard lockdown, however, preparation is essential! For shipping and logistics businesses, here are some tips to help prepare for this crazy time:


  • Consider hiring some extra, seasonal staff to support your current team with the rise in customer demand. This is something that you might want to consider every year, and with so many talented people looking for extra work, you probably won’t struggle to find temporary staff.


  • Don’t skip on the pre-planning to help you manage supply and demand and your cash flow during this time. This busy period brings with it a wonderful increase in sales, but also additional costs, such as temporary staff and extra resources to make sure that deliveries reach customers on time.


  • Invest in technology to help your business maximize opportunities during the festive season. Not only will technology help you plan better and manage disruptions before they happen, it will also help you to strengthen your position in the market, by offering on-time and professional service. For businesses who have international customers, strengthening their position in the global marketplace could lead to more opportunities worldwide.


  • Ensure that all your vehicles are fully functional, safe for drivers and ready to go for the next few months, as they will be very busy.


  • Refresh all employees on your COVID-19 protocols to limit the spread of the virus in the workplace (which will help avoid shutdowns), as well as ensuring that customers are also kept safe when deliveries take place.



We have already seen significant increases in e-commerce with the lockdown in place and people not wanting to visit stores, and this festive season will be in line with the increase. Being prepared will serve logistics businesses well. TSI’s Digital Control tower has a number of benefits to help logistics businesses going forward, saving on costs, allowing for better planning, providing real-time information on deliveries and so much more. For a LIVE demonstration, please send an email to

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