How the COVID-19 Pandemic Could Influence the Supply Chain


There is no doubt that the need to adopt digital supply chains is as critical as ever with the covid-19 pandemic, however, and as is the case with most areas of business, this is being shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Digital Transformation of Supply Chains

Are businesses who have embraced digital transformation of supply chains coping better during the COVID-19 crisis than those who haven’t? What is clear is that in order to create a resilient supply chain, visibility is a key factor. And what helps our supply chains to increase visibility? Data, of course! What technology in the supply chain also provides businesses with is flexibility, something that is invaluable with the turbulent and ever-changing conditions we are seeing due to the pandemic. We are seeing companies who are further along with digital transformation of supply chains able to cope better with rapid changes, while those who are not as far along are struggling to achieve this level of flexibility.


Digital Transformation and E-commerce

Digital Transformation really lends itself to e-commerce, and in a time when people are spending more time at home and ordering more online, this is a great market to capitalize on. Being able to offer fast delivery times and reliable service will stand a business in good stead moving forward. E-commerce is expected to grow, especially here in South Africa.


Digital Transformation and Global Trade

Many businesses import or export products from other countries, and with the COVID-19 having an impact on global trade, digital transformation is helping businesses manage the uncertainties here better. As government policies change, companies with digitalized supply chains are able to quickly adapt their supply chains accordingly, managing any challenges better and making it possible to continue importing and exporting where allowed, and as fast as possible so as to not disrupt product lines and sales too much.

What has become clear through the COVID-19 pandemic, is that the need for digitization is greater than ever before. How and when businesses chose to adopt technology to digitize their supply chain and business will determine their growth and whether they can compete with other businesses or not. Digitization was a trend before the pandemic, and we are expecting to see it accelerate. With TSI’s technology, we can provide your business with the visibility and flexibility it needs to remain competitive and succeed in today’s economy. Would you like to know more? Send an email to and we’ll be in touch.

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