How Tech Can Improve Supply Chains Post-COVID

How Tech Can Improve Supply Chains Post-COVID

No matter your industry, we are all in a position where we are having to adapt and make changes to our business and our own personal lives to survive, and thrive, in a post-pandemic world. When it comes to the supply chain, technology is a key factor to consider when it comes to creating a supply chain that is more resilient. We take a look at how tech can help with supply chains post-COVID.



There is a growing need for autonomous robots in the workplace, and we can expect to see more of this as we move forward. Some of the benefits of using robots in the supply chain include an increase in efficiency and productivity, better safety for employees who are in high-risk work environments, fewer errors, lower risk rates, and an increased focus on strategic efforts that can’t be automated. One example of robotics used in the supply chain is drones, which are being used in warehouse operations and have been proven to reduce labor costs while improving efficiency.



Yes, we are still talking about this, and it’s not going anywhere so it’s time to embrace it and learn more the benefits for your business.  These benefits for the supply chain include simpler and more efficient processes, better decision making, and an increase in transparency and visibility, just to name a few! What this means for a business is an increase in capabilities to new operational models and cost savings, which are vital at this point in time.


Internet of Things (IoT)

Yes, another term you keep hearing, and for good reason! There are a number of ways in which IoT can revolutionise your supply chain. It can help track the real-time location of a delivery, predict the transportation and time of arrival of a delivery, monitor the storage conditions of the shipment process, locate products in a warehouse and improve planning. With the introduction of 5G networks in South Africa and increasing popularity of 5G around the world, this will enable and increase the benefits of using IoT.


While the adoption of the tech above was underway even before the pandemic, it will certainly happen a lot faster now, with businesses needing to do what they can to keep going during these tough times. Adopting tech will not only improve supply chain operations, but it will also increase cost savings and improve customer satisfaction. For customised technology solutions for your business, contact TSI at

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