Going Digital While Empowering

Going Digital While Empowering

It is a common assumption throughout all industries that the more we use technology in the workplace, the less need there will be for human interaction and skills. This is not true. Where there is technology, there are people behind it making sure it operates correctly and that everything happens as it should. We like to think of digitizing as a way of creating a smaller margin for human error, without removing humans from the picture.

Changing the Way Logistics Does Business

Africa-based international logistics company, Bidvest Panalpina Logistics (BPL) has established an Innovation Platform that invites staff members to submit innovative ideas that they feel could improve on the quality of service to its customers, and many of these ideas have been developed and implemented. In a competitive digital age, it is vital for logistics businesses to carefully consider technology as a key part of their future growth, something which TSI has based our business model on from the very start. We aim to simplify and digitize the entire logistics process while still empowering the people, something which is important and necessary in Africa.

How Do We Go About Empowerment?

If you have your own warehouse or vehicles but not as your core business and you are looking to empower but BEE is slightly daunting, and you just don’t know how, TSI has the solution and can solve these problems with one action. If you have a workforce that includes warehouse staff, drivers, assistants and managers then you have all you need to create a Level 1 black owned operation that can be operated right from your premises or be relocated elsewhere. We train your staff and equip them with our system, making them experts at what they do and allowing them to give back to the industry. We set up a company that your staff will own a part of and once they have learned the skill, they will be able to offer it to the industry.

We know that technology and digitization are the future of transport and logistics. As leaders in this field we want to pass on our knowledge and self-developed systems to help refine and simplify the logistics process for businesses across South Africa and Africa, while still empowering our people. Utilizing technology within your business is a way to enhance your operations and can be used without fear of replacing human skills.

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