Import -Estimate Request

To obtain a import estimate, please complete the below form, should you not wish to fill out the form, click the contact button and we will contact you and complete the information for you

Request for rates



  • 1.      Estimates are based on information provided and we assume that they are true and correct.
    • 1.1.   Any deviation in the information supplied will render the estimate invalid and will be subject to change.
    • 1.2.   Estimates are for general cargo only unless otherwise specified.
    • 1.3.   Goods must be new, if the goods are not (used/second-hand ) they may require a special import permit if this is the case please specify that they are second-hand or if it is a temporary import.
    • 1.4.   Any wood packaging must be fully compliant.
    • 1.5.   Rate of exchange for sea freight is set by the shipping line on the SOB (Shipped on Board) date, and by IATA for airfreight.
    • 1.6.   Rates of exchange on estimates are for indicative purposes only, when a booking is made, the ROE will be confirmed.
    • 1.7.   This estimate may be subject to 3rd party changes without prior notice.
    • 1.8.   Subject to line acceptance and equipment availability at time of shipment.
    • 1.9.   Subject to ruling surcharges at the time of shipment.
  • 2.      TSI Central Station must be advised in writing of any special requirements regarding loading/unloading this must be done by email and addressed to
    • 2.1.   Pick up/delivery address must be able to accommodate the transport vehicle.
    • 2.2.   Estimates exclude special equipment (i.e. rigs, crane) or labour to load/off-load unless otherwise specified.
  • 3.      Origin; customs examination, permits, pre-shipment inspections, fumigation, packaging, storage, demurrage, detention on application.
  • 4.      Destination charges; customs exam, labour, storage, demurrage, detention on application.
  • 5.      Importer/Exporter is responsible for investigating and understanding any requirements/procedures relating to the import/export of their goods.
    • 5.1.   Importer/Exporter must be registered with customs and provide a valid customs code.
  • 6.      Subject to our standard trading terms and conditions. A copy of which is available on request.
  • 7.      The payment of final invoice.
    • 7.1.   We reserve the right to request payment upfront at the time of shipment
    • 7.2.   Payment via cash deposit will incur an additional fee for your account and is set by our bank at the time of receipt.
    • 7.3.   If payment is in a foreign currency it is the responsibility of the debtor to ensure payment is made as per agreed terms.
    • 7.4.   The debtor must ensure the full ZAR amount is paid to Federal Clearing.
    • 7.5.   Any fluctuations in the rate of exchange shall have no bearing on the final ZAR amount that is due.
    • 7.6.   TSI Central Station will advise what foreign currency amount must be remitted, to ensure full payment of invoice.
    • 7.7.   Payment terms are available on request, subject to credit checks and approval.
  • 8.      TSI Central Station is acting as agents only for and on behalf of an insurance company.
    • 8.1.   Insurance premium if quoted excludes the issuing of a certificate. If an insurance certificate is required an additional fee will be charged.
    • 8.2.   We strongly recommend that you have comprehensive insurance cover in place in case your cargo is lost or damaged in transit.
    • 8.3.   Existing insurance clients – Please ignore if you have undergone the process below except if your needs/risks have changed.

Important Notes:

  • Any estimate or quote is only ever valid for 30 days from date of the supplied unless otherwise stated.
  • All quotes exclude Hazardous Cargo, Restricted Cargo or Cargo Requiring Special Handling.
  • Quotes & Estimate excludes Insurance unless you have requested insurance and then only on acceptance os such, shall such be binding.
  • All quotes & estimate excludes South African Value Added Tax (VAT) which is currently 15%