Digitization Enables Supply Chain Networks to Evolve

Digitization Enables Supply Chain Networks to Evolve

Digitization is happening rapidly across all industries and is disrupting business models everywhere. It is becoming more and more prevalent in the manufacturing sector, especially where supply chain automation and data exchange are key.

Cassie Lessing, the managing director of Strato IT group, has said that digitizing our traditional supply chains has become a crucial element of businesses forward. He also said that “Traditionally, supply chains have been discrete and siloed often lacking integration and transparency. By embracing digitization, supply chains will become fully integrated ecosystems, exposing every level and player within the chain, including the end customer.”

How Does It Do This?

By breaking down the silos and bringing more visibility, digitized supply chains become more agile and are better able to react to changing market conditions, something which is important in Africa. By enabling real-time power within your supply chain makes your reaction times faster and provides increased opportunity for planning ahead of time easier and more accurate for your business. This is exactly what our Information System offers your business, along with a number of other benefits. Transparency is key and along with improved efficiency of a digitized supply chain, companies will be able to compete more successfully and give themselves and their clients a much-needed advantage in today’s economy.

Anticipating Disruptions

Tomorrow’s supply chain aims to be proactive in terms of what the client requires and being able to anticipate disruption and help plan for it, as opposed to being impacted by it, will greatly assist clients to better manage scenario planning. Having trained professionals in place that understand how to use these technological systems and interpret the data is key to anticipating disruptions and picking them up in time to take action. TSI offers a solution that is fully integrable with all other systems, and we offer training to your staff members to equip them to use the system effectively, thus empowering them.

The future of logistics and supply chains is digital and making these changes now will give businesses a competitive advantage over other companies. With systems that fully integrate with your business and empower your employees, there are more benefits to digitization than the challenges some might feel these systems bring. The age of technology is here, and we are excited for what the future holds.

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