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By applying and submitting this credit application on behalf of yourself or company, you are aware that it is in accordance with the National Credit Act (NCA) No. 34 of 2005: National Credit Act Act, 2005. This credit application is in accordance with Electronic Communications Act, 2002 (Act No. 25 of 2002) (ECA) and by clicking the send ES button (Electronic Signature) after completing means that you are in agreement with the terms and conditions of this application and that you are agreeing to the “advanced electronic signature” means an electronic signature which results from a process which has been accredited by the Authority as provided for in section 37 of the ECA.

Once your application has deemed to be successful, a copy of the terms and conditions will be sent to you on the mail that you have provided as evidence that you have accepted these terms and conditions and that the electronic signature is valid as in terms of Section 15 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act in dealing with evidence.


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Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, 2002