Challenges Faced by The Supply Chain & How Technology Can Help

Challenges Faced by The Supply Chain & How Technology Can Help

Lack of visibility in the supply chain, from the manufacturer to the wholesaler, distributor, the reseller and even the end consumer is one of the biggest challenges faced today. It often leads to a number of issues, from stock losses to pricing inflation, uncertain availability and increased time to market. This lack of visibility also make it nearly impossible to forecast and report on trends. In order to achieve maximum efficiency and visibility, an integrated supply chain where all systems communicate seamlessly needs to be achieved.

Delays Caused by Paper-Based Processes

Delays are a serious issue in supply chains and paper-based processes are a significant cause of these delays. Due to a lack of visibility into available stock levels, when invoices orders and paper delivery notes are generated, what is ordered and what is available often differs. This then means that invoices need to be amended on delivery, credit notes issued, or new invoices generated, all of which takes extra time. This can also lead to inaccurate billing, loss of stock, loss of income and other financial effects.

A live view of stock levels and the ability to generate accurate invoices on delivery, that a system such as TSI’s allows, will remove these challenges, minimize delays and improve accuracy.

Inefficiencies of Processes Can Cost Millions

The reliance on paper-based processes and the inefficiency of processes means that players in the supply chain can’t manage what is actually being ordered and paid for. Collecting the correct payment on orders is impossible if there is no visibility into what orders have been placed and actually delivered, and this often leads to significant losses. Around the world, FMCG goods are easily stolen and readily convertible to cash. Without knowing what orders have been placed and delivered it is impossible to know if stock is being stolen.

Real-time information into your supply chain makes it easier to track your orders and deliveries, reducing losses. TSI Central Station technology can help your business with this.

The right technology and digital transformation of the supply chain will alleviate many of the problems that supply chains are currently facing today. Empower your logistics and supply chain, and your business, through the use of TSI’s technology. Visit our website to find out more about what we have to offer.

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