Jack Phalane (CLO)


Kevin Ross (COO)

TSI Central Station

TSI Central Station Was founded in 2006 with the objective of providing a fully integrated and expertly managed transport & logistics services in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, this was after identifying the frustration and the general lack of information supplied to clients from everyone in the logistics chain.

Voted  #1 as the most innovative logistics company. TSI had identified through its own personal  experience and utter frustration at the general lack of information available to an importer, shipper, agent, transporter with regards to real-time (useful) information as to the physical location of cargo/freight in the supply chain.
That is why they started TSI Central Station so that they could as a 4PL give clients the visibility to plan and co-ordinate no matter the mode of transport. GM of LG Electronics Josh Hammann said "Changing to TSI has reduced our logistics cost by 20%"

TSI delivered the "needed" information on any platform the client required, these included  (Email, WhatsApp, SMS, Dashboard or just simple daily reports).

This is what a 4PL offers & the advantages of in sourcing (see our On-Site / Off-Site model) your logistics:

  • Single point of contact
  • Open-book management, full transparency
  • Bench-marking best industry practices
  • Data ownership & visibility (reporting)
  • Material optimization flows
  • Substantial logistics costs saving
  • Gain in productivity & manpower

History: Our core focus initially was Road Freight Transportation (trucking) between the port and inland destinations and vice versa. In the last 12 years, we have expanded our product offering to include all other modes of transport, from delivering a small parcel to large full truck loads into Africa (see services).

These include the primary pillars of logistics, Sea, Air, Road & Rail Freight.

We built a system (CSIS) to bring all of these elements together, this ticked the box of being informed and then we addressed the different role players and offer a service that was based on transparency, not only on track and trace but on cost reduction. Our efforts stopped demurrage & storage charges and losses on files due to someone forgetting to do something. We offer this as a free service to our clients where we do the transport. We are a fourth-party logistics provider (4pl) that focuses on the facilities management of transport & logistics.



The heart of our service offering is our trade mark technology. Designed specifically for our controllers to manage your day-to -day requirements which is highly adaptable and scalable. Integration is quick and easy, creating seamless communication, the most comprehensive reporting and real-time visibility.

TSI Central Station helps companies of all sizes manage their freight and cost of freight by using various combinations of technology, professional customer service, and valued partnerships with the service suppliers.
We serve a select yet diverse base of local and international companies, offering them flexibility through technology, passion, best price and excellent customer service.

We offer you, our client, peace of mind by assigning an expert to manage your cargo / shipments from beginning to end. Our aim is to further save you money and improve efficiencies.

Central Station is not the first to offer logistics management, however, our approach is certainly different.

Life if all about taking the opportunities that present themselves, today do something that will make someone else happyAnonymous

Transport & Logistics

TSI Central Station has some of the most experienced professionals in the transport & logistics industry. When TSI Central Station does your business, you will be introducing you to a totally new experience. We'll do everything that is required to get your cargo where it needs to be, ultimately giving you time to focus on your core business.

Who is TSI Central Station

Central Station is an independent logistics service provider, we have years of hands-on experience in the transport and logistics industry. We have developed a system that drives us, you can call it a ‘control tower’, we just call it CSIS Central Station Information System or as we refer to it “our system”. We are an independent and objective company, not aligned to any logistics service provider – our only focus is to drive benefits for our clients.

Our Competitive Advantage is that we don’t sell software or sell solutions, we look at how to optimise your supply chain, save you money and we implement it. Our offer is real cost saving, most importantly we implement and manage the process, we don’t help clients save or reduce costs, we guarantee cost savings.