4 Ways Supply Chain Technology Can Help You “Go Green”

go green

Sustainability initiatives and efforts to “go green” are trending throughout every industry in every country, and many are focusing on the supply chain. There are a number of reasons why companies are prioritizing sustainability. These range from concerns around climate change, the need to save money and streamline operations, to increase eco-friendly customer bases and the need to please investors that are prioritizing sustainability.

With the help of technology, such as TSI’s technology, companies can make environmentally friendly changes to their supply chains and add to their overall sustainability initiatives.

Reduce the paper trail

Supply chain technologies are helping to move traditionally operating supply chains to the digital age. This means getting rid of the physical paper-trail associated with shipping and instead keeping track of all operations online. By leveraging cloud-based supply chain technology, businesses are able to save paper while also speeding up their operations.

Plan routes more effectively

Reducing fuel consumption should be a top priority for businesses, not only to benefit the environment but also to reduce transportation costs. Technology can help logistics professionals choose the best route for every load, which is nearly impossible to do by hand. Instead of trying to manually compare routes and consolidating loads one by one, routers and warehouse employees are use technology to automatically create the perfect load based on predetermined parameters. The technology will also help ensure the fewest number of miles are driven for the maximum number of orders per truck, reducing overall fuel consumption.

Select the best mode of shipment

Selecting the best mode for each shipment is another way to ensure less fuel, and money, is used on a shipment. Most shippers don’t have the time to compare LTL, FTL, ground freight pricing, and parcel for every order. However, with a transport management system in place, every available mode type can be easily compared on a single screen. By choosing the best mode type for every shipment, companies reduce wasted space on trucks and save money in the process.

Embrace the circular supply chain

The circular supply chain is all about taking apparent waste materials and returned goods and turning them into products which can be resold. Shippers can embrace this level of “reduce, reuse and recycle” by using technology to track their orders and returns. Complete visibility from products down to the SKU level can help businesses understand exactly where returns or damaged goods are and turn apparent trash into revenue streams.

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