4 Things Worth Knowing About Next Generation Supply Chain Technology & Innovation

4 Things Worth Knowing About Next Generation Supply Chain Technology & Innovation

With the age of technology upon us, companies often get bombarded with what promises to be the latest and greatest technology and solution to their logistics and supply chain issues. Supply chain experts, MHI, state that “Digital technologies and innovations are driving massive changes and improvements in the supply chain. Meanwhile, digital disruption and continued globalization are sending customer service expectations through the roof and stretching supply chains to the farthest reaches of the planet, putting supply chains under more stress than ever before.”

Here are 4 things to know about Next Generation supply chain technology:

Digital innovations are expected to have a huge impact on supply chains.

Statistics show that 80% of companies believe that the digital supply chain will become the predominant model around the world within the next 5 years.

The changes this supply chain brings will be disruptive.

Many top industry players believe that many supply chain innovations have the potential to bring some disruption and create lasting competitive advantage for the companies that embrace them.

The cloud has become the chosen model of choice for supply chain technology.

Cloud computing and storage has the highest current adoption rate with a large number of companies making use of it. Adoption of this technology is expected to grow significantly over the next two to five years.

Manufacturing and supply chain operations will continue to invest heavily in innovation.

Companies around the world are expected to spend more on development and implementation of new technologies over the next two years. MHI concludes that “In the months and years ahead, organizations should keep a close eye on adoption rates and emerging trends, watching for signs that supply chains are turning the corner on innovation and approaching the exponential growth phase. “

At TSI Central Station, the heart of our service offering is our trade mark technology, and we are excited to see the changes and movements towards digitization happening within this industry. We believe it opens up a number of doors for companies across Africa, giving them a competitive advantage. We plan to continue to embrace the changes in technology and innovation to provide a system and service that is up to world standards.

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