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The Next Revolution

When we said this, we did not realize that this will become the "new Normal"

Your business is evolving, shouldn't you?

If dealing with multiple service providers in the supply chain has ever frustrated you, then you need to see what TSI offers. Only TSI connects all the parties in the logistics chain, from your clearing & forwarding agent, importers to exporters, trucking companies, container depots, airlines, airports, (Customs - EDI systems), shipping lines, port terminals, all this through a single, secure cloud-based platform. The innovator of transport,  shipping and logistics.

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We Moving 

Our System

Combining: Resource | Experts | Technology

It takes more than promises to be a true Logistics Specialist. TSI Central Station's Operating System for International Logistics is unique because it brings together our experts that use our ground breaking technology

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We guarantee to reduce your transport  COSTS
By using the most advanced technology

If you are serious about saving money on your transport & logistics, then you have finally arrived at
a company that guarantees it's rates & service. We allow you to take back control and at the same time,
focus on the most important stuff, like YOUR BUSINESS. 

Our self developed intelligent logistics system will take your business further, faster.  Stay ahead of your competitors regardless of market conditions. Turning your transport vision into tangible results. Try our free demurrage and cost recovery system, that gives you total viability of the entire supply chain (no matter your service providers) and the have access to South Africa's first independent single platform that will fuel your business forward.

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TSI Central Station "Opening doors to a world of logistics, transport & freight possibilities in South Africa"

In the past there were "logistics" companies,
today there is TSI Central Station

What we do for you

TSI Central Station is an independent forth party logistics (4PL) company focused on providing the best rates with the very best service.

We guarantee to reduce your transport and logistics costs by using the most advanced technology available, coupled with a team of highly skilled professional.

The bottom line is that through over the past 13 years, we have not only perfected it but remained the market leaders by ensuring our clients benefit from innovation and negotiating power.

The future of logistics is here, our proprietary technology leverages the latest in AI, machine learning, our industry-leading technology is built on our clients needs over the years.

Benefits of working with us

    • You stay In Control
    • Immediate Cost Saving
    • Free Professional Advice
    • One Supplier –  Managing The Total Solution
    • Full Vetting of all Suppliers
    • Manage activities of All 3PL providers.
    • Full integration
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What some of our TSI clients say

  • TSI Central Station has saved our company thousands of Rand’s on each of
    our shipments, resulting in us changing our bottom line number.


  • TSI’s approach to logistics is new in South Africa: instead of being tied to a single
    supplier, customers can negotiate peak season with multiple transporters on board,
    spreading their risk. TSI manages the entire process, and the TSI system allows them to
    follow the entire logistics loop. It is a ground-breaking evolution.”

  • “I used a global international courier company, the boxes were always damaged
    and I never got it on time, added to that it was expensive. Since moving to TSI Central Station,
    my clients always have stock.” 


  • “Since I started using TSI, I have ZERO demurrage, my staff close off files in time and I recover every cost. We have started to make money because TSI has our backs, I don’t want to recommend them as its our  secret advantage but that would be unfair, I rate them 7 stars


THIS IS What we say

Every single staff member working at TSI Central Station is highly skilled and are all professionals in the industry. they are backed by the most advanced (self-developed) logistics technology in Southern Africa. Our goal is to help you get the most from out of your transport & logistics by reducing your costs and ensuring you get the best possible service available in Southern Africa. What we do is new and revolutionary in that we are here TO HELP you as an organization, basically, we do the “hard stuff” and get your shipments where they need to be, giving you more time to focus on your core business. Having said that, we take full responsibility without leaving you in the dark, you are never out of the loop because we make sure you have the power to change as you go.

Opening doors to a world of logistics, transport & freight possibilities in South Africa

Understanding Who We Are

Dealing with transport & logistics companies in any format can be frustrating and if you don’t fully understand their operations, charges and promises, it can be expensive which can have a major impact on your business and reputation.

TSI Central Station (TSI) offers the next generation in transport & logistics which ensures that you get the best price, best service backed by our revolutionary self-developed **AI technology-based logistics system.

TSI manages every aspect of the supply chain, this means that one person looks after every single aspect of your transport & logistics, without you having to check with multiple suppliers where your cargo is and how much you going to pay, you have full transparency and there are no surprises. This allows you to focus on your business while our professionally trained staff ensure that everything goes to YOUR plan.

TSI ensures that you get live updates as it happens, no more “I’ll call you back's” rather you are in control of your logistics and spend.

*Artificial Intelligence.

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Our Value Add

TSI Central Station, Opening doors to a world of logistics, transport & freight possibilities in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, through a Control Tower managed supply chain and distribution service.

Your true logistics costs are immediately minimized, in distribution, transport, procurement and staffing realizing bottom line contribution to your company.

Our Cutting-edge technology, real-time visibility, and single point of contact makes transport easy, connecting you to every aspect of the supply chain. We don’t re-create a solution for you, we adapt ours to work with yours to ensure you can focus on what you do and not on what your logistics partner should be doing for you. 

We give you the ability to manage your stock through technology, not only what is in your warehouse but also what is on order.


We don’t re-create a solution for you, we adapt ours to work with yours to ensure you can focus on what you do and not on what your logistics partner should be doing for you.

Competitive Advantage of utilizing one supplier which is a totally managed solution of multiple 3PL suppliers.

We provide you with a fully automated reporting and tracking technology that enables you a full view of your entire logistics chain.

Intelligent Logistics Beyond Expectation