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What is the buzz about a Control Tower There are so many buzz words in our industry, one of them is ...


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Central Station – Logistics Beyond Expectations

What is the buzz about a Control Tower

There are so many buzz words in our industry, one of them is most definitely the Control Tower, some claim to have invented it and other just keep doing what they doing and silently claim the customer.

So what is a control tower?

For the layman, it is a place where you can manage, navigate and "control" your logistics in real time and even if you have many divisions or companies, you can take full control. So what is the big deal?, well by doing this you can start to use resource from the service provider and use it in a different division or company.

Here is an example of this:

Company A sends six trucks to collect goods, the service provider does not have loads to the destination so they charge for both ways, another division of company A sends six trucks with cargo to the same destination and again charges for both ways because there is nothing coming back from that service provider. I know it seems made up but this is a real life scenario, the problem here is that there are two logistic managers, both works for the same group but don't speak to each other because in the day to day running of the business there is no need.empty to go and Introducing the Control Tower, now both managers can see the requirements of the other and can plan using the same service provider and effectively reduce the cost. A control tower takes it a step further as it does not only give you visibility from a local perspective but can give you visibility from the time an order is placed in another country. It also helps in managing stock in a country, you can see where there is the stock of an item and instead of spending money on air freight, you can use the local stock and replace it with your next order. A control Tower gives you visibility of the entire supply chain when you start to use it effectively, you can reduce stock holding, use the resource better and most importantly save money on unnecessary logistics costs. Now, you can call it what you want but the power of an independent logistics service provider bringing this all together ensure that we keep the economy growing, secure jobs and effectively stay in business. So if you importing, exporting or just sending your goods around the corner, you have to see what TSI Central Station offers you. There is no shame in allowing professionals to look after your transport and logistics, generally, you are not in the logistics business but spend most of your time and money on it.

About TSI Central Station

Central Station is an independent logistics service provider, we have years of hands-on experience in the transport and logistics industry. We have developed a system that drives us, you can call it a ‘control tower’, we just call it CSIS Central Station Information System or as we refer to it “our system”. We are an independent and objective company, not aligned to any logistics service provider – our only focus is to drive benefits for our clients. Our Competitive Advantage is that we don’t sell software or sell solutions, we look at how to optimize your supply chain, save you ...Read more. (more…)