Central Station is an independent logistics service provider to importers and exporters which offer’s comprehensive transport solutions by road, air, rail, and sea……………………….. read more..


We are a team of dedicated professionals that operate a business using Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) as a service provider. As a 4PL , we specialize in managing the transport and logistics of imported and exported cargo throughout South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. read more


We Plan every aspect of the supply chain, implementing the plan, control the movement efficiently and effectively from the point of origin to the final destination. read more...

Intelligent & Predictive Logistics


In the age of technology, why not allow it to make your experience a pleasant one. There is no need to do things they way they were done when we have a choice.


We have more technology in our smartphones than the first man had when he landed on the moon. Why not allow the new technology to plan, predict and help you with you transport and logistics?


What is logistics? well, it is everything you need to get your product from the time its manufactured until the time its delivered to your door or your client’s door. It’s called forth part logistics (4PL) one place to manage every supplier in the chain.

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What does a 4PL do?

What does 4pl mean

In today’s world of UBER, Airbnb and the way we do everything with technology, TSI Central Station has for the past ten years being doing exactly that, making it easier for our clients to do what they started out to do and not shipping, trucking and everything in-between.

We operate on a transparent basis, backed by a South African written system that drives our staff to ensure efficiency and cost effective solutions.

Intelligent Logistics, many people ask what that is, we spell it out simply, let technology think for us to ensure that we do what is important and not reply on human error that ultimately costs us money.

We provide a world-class logistic solution, locally and internationally for a range of clients from every industry, with one goal to reduce logistics cost and improve the service delivering.

Central Station Logistics Beyond Expectations

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